The RDF 8 week Programme


 The 8 week online program includes:
-Consultation and analysis
-Goal setting
-Intensity, exercises and sessions are custom made to your fitness level and overall goals
-Training sessions sent on the day
-Every session being different to eliminate boredom
-Sessions sent by WhatsApp for fast feedback to your questions
-Videos/pictures demonstrating the exercises
-Nutritional guidance
-Testing weeks to monitor progress
-On completion: personalized email analysis breaking down your 8 week results (measurements, tests), what needs to be improved and what’s the new goal moving forward.

All programmes take into account previous injuries and equipment that you have avaliable to you.

Sports Massage 


Sessions will be held at our location or yours. The session includes:

-10 minutes consultation

-Sports therapist wearing PPE equipment during the session

-1 sports massage session lasting 45minutes


Contest Preparation


Suitable for Bodybuilding, Women`s phisique & Men`s phisique competitors.

This Includes:

-Specific nutrional plan

-Strength and mass building for offseason

-Cardio and training specific for the cutting phase

-Supplement advice

-Posing advice

-WhatsApp support

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