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J. Court: "I chose to work with Remus because of his knowledge and extensive experience in the fitness industry, and it has been even better than I expected. His sessions are structured and intense, and he is in constant contact, making sure my diet is on point, and kept me motivated and accountable. His nutritional advice is on another level, and combined with the sessions, the results have been unbelievable, and I feel better, fitter and more confident than ever, couldn`t recommend enough."

C. Roxana: "Remus is a great trainer turned friend! He helped me come out of my comfort zone and enjoy working out! He is very knowledgeable, patient and funny! He tailored all the workouts around my abilities and needs, he always followed up between sessions and made sure I got the work done :) He is a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for meeting him! I could not recommend him enough! Thank you, Remus for showing me how fun working out can be and all the benefits that come from it."

C. Reid: "When it came to choosing a coach to give myself accountability for my workouts I looked no further than Remus.
Working in the industry myself and having worked closely with Remus he has a mass amount of experience and is one of the most knowledgable in the industry by far.
Knowing this I chose Remus as someone who I could also learn off and who would help me improve my own service to clients.
He has been spot on with my nutrition and workouts and I can’t thank him enough for his help"

The RDF 8 Week Programme has been developed as a result of 12 years of experience in elite training and competitive sport.

Hello, I am Remus Petrescu and I designed the RDF 8 Week Programme. I have competed in judo and football in my early teen and started 
competing in bodybuilding in my twenties, which I still do. Over the years I have gained experience and knowledge that I developed through preparing for my shows, and working as a PT in different environments - in the gym and a private studio. 
During all this time I have learned discipline and hard work. I am now organised, confident, consistent and patient. I am goal oriented.
In this journey of transformation, you will achieve not just physical results, but you will mentally test yourself and sharpen all the above principles. 
It will change you as a person as well.

S. McIntosh: "I’ve been training with Remus since the beginning of the year and without a doubt he’s one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. His knowledge is second to none and you certainly learn a lot from him. Whether it’s training, nutrition or just your mindset in general he’s very passionate in helping you create long lasting changes to your life through fitness. I’m more than happy with the progress I’ve made working with Remus and cannot recommend him enough."

E. Szabo: "Remus is  the best coach I have ever worked with.  I have competed with him 6 shows and on all of them I have been in top 3. He has excellent knowledge on training,  especially for contest prep . I got lot of support from him constantly,  tons of check ins, and the most I like about his approach,  that he has multiple ways to get you in shape. He listens to my concern, and never talks bad about other training methods, instead he explains why those are might not work well. Excellent coach, super supportive,  he never left me alone even after the competitions. He has a very extensive knowledge on training,  so he is the one if you really looking for a coach."

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